Circles of Life: Iceland in 4K

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60 min | HD & 4K UHD Available | 2015 (NEW!)
Genre: Non-narrative 4K documentary
U.S. Release: 2015




Iceland is more fascinating than any other place on earth.
Just see how life begins. See how it grows. How it ends. Just see.
Majestic volcanoes, seething geysers, raging waterfalls, threatening fjords over mighty glaciers, endless lava fields - hardly any other country in the world is as full of natural wonders as Iceland, the remote island in the harsh North Sea. Nowhere on this planet can the gripping origin of life, growth and decay be observed as here. Filming the fantastic nature of Iceland, documentary filmmaker and cameraman Reinhard Kungel tells the story of life - without words.
Director: Reinhard Kungel
Camera & Editing: Reinhard Kungel
Assistant: Ingrid Kungel
Music: Klangraum, Mainz
Production: rk-film
type: Film by: Mance Media
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