Official Theatrical Logo


Amsterdam-based Colorbleed Studios designed the original Mance Media still logo and Quebec-based SFX company Studio Element designed the animated theatrical logo. The score is finished in 5.1 surround sound and the video is in the new native 4K format.
Mance Media's theatrical logo features a "Blade Runner-esque" sweeping reveal of Los Angeles' downtown city skyline facing south with the Capitol Records building in the foreground. The score is a build up of anticipation as booms of thunder and lightning drop in the background with the final unveil of the Mance Media text by way of a searchlight. 
"It's distinctive, modern and bold," says Mance Media's CEO Matthew Mancinelli
Composer Jacob Yoffee ("Delirium", "Blue", "Pawn") provided the score and engineer Adam Schmidt ("Inception", "Dark Knight Rises", "Savages") provided the final sound mix.
Mance Media release 5 to 8 films theatrically per year in major cities (limited releases), and window thereafter across all platforms, including OnDemand, iTunes, VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray as well as structuring the U.S. television premieres. Each theatrically released film will have a P&A allocation.
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