Cirque Berzerk

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1x120min | HD | NEW!

Conceived in the grey cement sprawl of industrial downtown Los Angeles 
and birthed in the dust & glitter of Burning Man, Cirque Berzerk has been 
described by the LA Times as “the sort of phantasmagoric spectacle
Tim Burton would dream up, if he quit filmmaking to join the circus.”

French burlesque meets Sweeney Todd meets Cirque du Soleil and
P.T. Barnum's worst nightmare, Cirque Berzerk is a 2 hour special for
the whole family to enjoy!

It's a show that'll tickle your innards with a psychotically-tinged sultry
evening of performances filled with sinewy acrobatics, sensual contortionists,
bawdy burlesque dancers, and a host of evil fire breathing clowns.
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