Scarlet's Witch

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1hr 30 min | HD, 4K & 5K Available | 2014 (NEW!)
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
U.S. Release: Christmas 2014
Logline: A lonely girl befriends a witch in the woods in this adult fairy tale.
Synopsis: Alienated by her peers as a young girl, Scarlet finds escape from her loneliness in the forest where she meets a mysterious witch. Scarlet refuses the offer of magic at first, but maintains the friendship into her college years. When her blossoming relationship with a handsome boy at school is threatened by another girl, Scarlet turns to her old friend and her sorcery to get what she wants. Will her newfound powers fulfill all her desires or destroy everything she has known and loved?


Written & Directed By: 
F.C. Rabbath
Avery Pohl
Emily Pearse
Marcy Palmer
Julie Moss
type: Film by: Mance Media
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