The Emperor's Bottle

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A Film Trilogy | In Development

“The Emperor’s Bottle” is the tale of Alex McGallon, an ordinary 11-year-old 
boy always in a quest to find the perfect adventure through his plastic figurines 
or golden fortresses made out of blankets and couch cushions.

While playing fetch with his dog ‘Smokey’, Alex discovers an ancient message 
in a bottle written 100 years ago by a boy emperor from below the sea.  
Soon thereafter, Alex becomes friends with Agememnon, the scout sent to 
retrieve the human who unlocks the message.  With an aquatic O2 ventilator, 
Agememnon leads Alex through the underwater labyrinths of the land of Hamalia 
to join the emperor and his faltering empire. Alex learns of Emperor Jyla’s unique 
ability to dwell on both land and water -- proving vital to the stability of his Empire’s 
future. The two join forces in an adventure full of love, deception & war in hopes of 
saving the last underwater Clan from extinction. 
“The Emperor’s Bottle” is inspired by the moral antiquity of “The Wizard of Oz”, 
and brings a fresh cinematic innocence to a new generation of fans.
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