Vegan Mashup

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12x30 | HD | NEW!

Genre: Cooking
Production Year: 2013 - present
Starring: Toni Fiore, Miyoko Schinner and Terry Hope Romero


Vegan Mashup features three entertaining chefs who put a modern, healthy spin on home cooking.
Join cookbook authors Terry Hope Romero, Toni Fiore, Miyoko Schinner and some very special guests, as they whip up easy and delicious plant-based fare.


About the Cooks
Toni Fiore is the host of Delicious TVs' 'Totally Vegetarian cooking series and author of 'Totally Vegetarian' the cookbook. Also check check out her easy recipes on the VegEZ iPhone & iPad app. Terry Hope Romero has penned many cookbooks. Her latest book 'Vegan Eats World' was just released in November 2012. Other books include 'Vegan Latina',and the best seller 'Veganomicon' which she co-authored. Terry was also co-host on the popular NYC cooking series 'Post punk Kitchen'. Miyoko Schinner's latest cookbook Artisan Vegan Cheese has been the top selling cheese book on Amazon for the first 4 weeks and counting. Her other books include 'The Now & Zen Epicure', 'Japanese cooking Contemporary and Traditional'.
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